dimanche 13 septembre 2009

Alessio Riccio + David Shea + Ellery Eskelin : "Drawing - Opus 2, Paul Klee"

(Unorthodox recordings, 2003)

On this extraordinary trio effort Ellery Eskelin plays tenor sax, David Shea plays samples & other keyboards and Alessio plays drums, loops, a wide variety of odd percussion (gong sculptures, water drums and metals, etc.) and tapes. Nice to hear something new from former downtown sampler wiz David Shea, who seemed to have disappeared from this scene in recent years. I know that he spent time in Italy a few years back recording for Sub Rosa, but even those discs have disappeared as well. Alessio's fabulous drumming is at the center of this trio, spinning and weaving his layers of rhythmic schemes as Ellery plays marvelously on top and David swirls mysterious samples and keyboard sounds around the mesmerizing blend. The artwork of Paul Klee graces the CD cover and booklet and was an inspiration for the great disc. About 69 minutes long and completely fascinating throughout !

Bruce Lee Gallanter (Downtown Music Gallery)


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Anonyme a dit…

david shea is ab solutely phenomenal... great ! do you happen to have his "fear no fall"-album with o'rourke, parkins et.al? he deserves a wider attention, seriously... greetings chris