samedi 26 juin 2010

Judy Dunaway

(Lost, 1990)

Judy Dunaway is best known in New York new music circles as being the world's foremost player of the balloon — yes, the common latex rubber balloon, which she uses to make any number of unique and amazingly expressive sounds. Before becoming a full-time balloon virtuoso, however, she was a punk-ish guitarist and writer of some unbelievably funny songs. Accompanied by a group of musicians that populated the downtown free improv scene at the time (Rick Brown, David Shea, Michael Lytle, Evan Gallagher), Judy Dunaway went into the studio and made one for the ages. This « lost » album presents a brilliantly unorthodox songwriter at peak form. Dunaway's no mere jokester, either; her deeply felt lyrics reveal an artist of great perception between avant-garde folk songs and free-improvisations.


4 commentaires:

Kyle a dit…

I'm so happy to now know about Dunaway. This album is great, and I've just sampled a bunch of her balloon works -- totally unique

gidouille a dit…

This is one I have, along with Shar her balloon power trio with the Les Halmas / Miners of Banal rhythm tandem of Ilja Komarov and Trixa Arnold. Her work deserves more notice.

Godard a dit…

Dunaway is a new name to me, but I enjoyed this very much. Thanks for the introduction!

Anonyme a dit…

For more information about Dunaway's singing and guitar playing days, go to: