jeudi 7 octobre 2010

John Zorn as guest with his warrior soul and game calls

A few years ago, John Zorn was used to play with many musicians worldwide : in eighties, he could experiment with his horn inventing new musical forms ("Locus Solus" period and his first "file cards" use for example). Perhaps, he was looking his way multiplying meetings everywhere with everyone.
In nineties, he founded a communauty of musicians (such a downtown "all-stars"), one label (Tzadik) and a not-for-profit performance space (The Stone). Actually, it looks like a (very) close environment where it focuses more on personal compositions a bit similar each time, refining them continuously (Masada stuff, Moonchild project, The Dreamers group). Anyway, we can be much less surprised and/or confused today and sometimes, boredom can arise... This playlist suggests to listen John Zorn armed with his saxophone serving others when his attack playing was not yet a... gimmick.

1- "Art Thieves"/Wayne Horvitz
2- "No place fast"/Wayne Horvitz
3- "Augury"/Charles K. Noyes
4- "Bleed for the mind"*/Toy Killers
5- "Improvisation"/Toy Killers
6- "Hand tech"/David Moss
7- "Husk when time"/David Moss
8- "Shuffle boil"/Hal Willner
9- "Happy end"/Hall Willner
10- "Give it to me"/Rochester/Veasley band
11- "Purged specimen"/Blind Idiot God
12- "Koseinenkin Hall II"/Valentina Ponomareva
13- "Rictus"/Slan
14- "Zog"/Slan
15- "Blood sucking freaks"/Torture Garden
16- "JZ/BK"/Buckethead
17- "E.S.T."/Hoppy Kamiyama
18- "Au naturel"**/Hoppy Kamiyama
19- "Improv 1"/Duck Baker
20- "Improv 5"/Duck Baker
21- "I don't like myself"/Sion
22- "I do love you a little"/Seigen Ono
23- "Reached Moon Tower"/Seigen Ono
24- "Law"/Music Revelation Ensemble
25- "Devotion"/Music Revelation Ensemble
26- "Proof"/Music Revelation Ensemble
27- "Backbeat"/Music Revelation Ensemble
28 & 29- "Adon Olom"(instr./vocal)/Gary Lucas
30- "Sandman"/Gary Lucas
31- "The reanimator 1.0"/Raz Mesinai
32- "Macunaima"/Cyro Baptista

notes :

1), 2) from "Simple facts" with Wayne Horvitz, Geordie Gillespie, Joe Gallant, David Sewelson (Theatre For Your Mother, 1980)
3) from "The world and the raw people" with Charles K. Noyes (Zoar, 1982)
4), 5) from "The Unlistenable years" with Toy Killers : Charles K. Noyes & M.E. Miller (guests* : Bill Laswell & Elliott Sharp) (UgExplode, 1982)
6), 7) from "Full House" with David Moss (Moers, 1984)
8) from "That's the way I feel now : a tribute to Thelonious Monk" with Arto Lindsay, Wayne Horvitz & M.E. Miller (A&M, 1984)
9) from "Lost in the stars : the music of Kurt Weill" with Luli Shioi, Bobby Previte, Jim Staley, Guy Klucevsek, Carol Emmanuel & Fred Frith (A&M, 1985)
10) from "One minute of love" with Gerald Veasley, Cornell Rochester, Willie Williams, Uri Caine & Gene Terramani (Gramavision, 1985)
11) from "Undertow" with Blind Idiot God (Enemy, 1988)
12) from "Live in Japan" with Valentina Ponomareva (Leo, 1989)
13), 14) from "Live at the Knitting Factory, vol. 3" with Elliott Sharp & Ted Epstein (Knitting Factory, 1990)
15) from "Devil from the East : a decade of Yoshida Tatsuya" with Torture Garden (Bloody Butterfly, 1991)
16) from "Company91" with Buckethead (Incus, 1991)
17), 18) from "Welcome to forbidden paradise" with Hoppy Kamiyama, Marc Ribot, Sebastian Steinberg, Dougie Bowne, E.J. Rodriguez & Steve Eto (plus Otomo Yoshihide**) (Toshiba Emi, 1992)
19), 20) from "The Ducks Palace" with Duck Baker & Cyro Baptista (Incus, 1993)
21) from "I don't like myself" by Sion with Marc Ribot, Robert Quine, Sebastian Steinberg, Michael Blair & Charles Giodano (Baidis, 1993)
22), 23) from "Bar del Mattatoio" with Bob Stewart, Bobby Previte, Marc Ribot, Jill Jaffe & Maxine Neuman (first track) ; with Hirotaka Izumi & Seigen Ono (second track) (Saidera, 1995)
24), 25), 26), 27) from "Cross Fire" with James Blood Ulmer, Calvin Jones & Cornell Rochester (Diw, 1997)
28), 29), 30) from "Busy being born" with Gary Lucas, Greg Cohen & Jonathan Kane (Tzadik, 1998)
31) from "Cyborg acoustics" with Raz Mesinai, Shelley Hirsch & Tim Barnes (Tzadik, 2004)
32) from "Banquet of the spirits" with Cyro Baptista, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Brian Marsella & Tim Keiper (Tzadik, 2008)


NB : This playlist is dedicated to marvelous E-Mile blog. Thank you for the inspiration.

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E-mile a dit…

and from this rather long and diverse list of music, I only have the one from the Music Revelation Ensemble...Z, thank you for all your hard work and hope you amaze me sometime soon again with whatever you pull out of your hat [:-)
peace, E-mile