vendredi 25 novembre 2011

Lucien Dubuis trio : "Tovorak"

(self-produced, 2005)

Lucien Dubuis answers the musical question which Miles Davis' later bands always sought to resolve. Why can't jazz bands be entertaining like rock bands? Dubuis tackles that one on Tovorak while shaking you, sometimes violently.
Sure sure, jazzbos have injected punk attitude and funk into their music for some time. Think of early Ken Vandermark with Big Head Eddie, John Zorn and Marc Ribot's 1980s Knitting Factory work, and the Lounge Lizards. All shared rock sensibilities, their real musical heritage and upbringing.
Enter Swiss-born saxophonist Lucien Dubuis, who has enough attitude to hold his own with punks, neo-cons and George Clinton! Tovorak is a followup to his trio's 2001 disc Sumo. Powered by the well-placed heavy bass licks of Roman Nowka, Dubuis powers through this disc, alternating between the squawking alto saxophone and the deep notes of his bass and contrabass clarinets. Yes, he fires up sounds from the deep darkness of bass clarinet-ville.
The deep tones raise the reggae beat of "Bal les masques!, making it an especially interesting composition played against the Hammond organ. When he's not mixing unusual combinations, Dubuis brings the funk, as on "Non pas and the P-Funk/blues thriller "Mammouth. The group gets to a Blue Oyster Cult sound on "Insomnia before breaking up somewhere (hopefully) over an open ocean. Boom!
This band isn't just rocking in the free world here; on "Boubouille and "La goutte au nez, the trio pieces together some slow-paced and adventurous sound explorations.
These blues children fashion their basic premise from the blues. Combining heavy beats and an exceptional feel for the deep notes of Dubuis' clarinets, this is a special recording.

Mark Corroto (All About Jazz)

« A tremendous roar of life. Simple and heart-wrenching. Lucien Dubuis' music is the result of new definitions, new horizons. Simultaneously modern and primitive, it achieves to be concept-driven while using a teenage language of revolution. Imagine a chromosomic mingling of a touch of John Coltrane genes and the DNA of the Beastie Boys: the Lucien Dubuis Trio just enjoys playing the jazz stuff, just as Madonna would enjoy sex after a year in jail, with lust! »


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E-mile a dit…

hi Z, discovered this band a few months ago, stunning music indeed! also recommended is the
Lucien Dubuis Trio & Marc Ribot - ultime cosmos 2009 (if you want to hear it give me a holler!)

Zipangu a dit…

Hi E-Mile ! I know the last record on Enja with mister Ribot (and I saw them on stage in 2009) : good VIBES too §§§

E-mile a dit…

Z, I'm feeling jusssst a little bit jealous you seeing them live on stage [:-) damn. that must have been a good day!