lundi 20 juillet 2009

Christian Marclay-Ikue Mori-Elliott Sharp

This disc is a treasure simply because new material by any one of these three artists is always worth hearing ; improvising together, they create soundscapes that are by turns eerie, amusing, dense, and pointillistic. Sharp's approach to his instruments is completely unbounded by any traditional considerations, and the noises he produces are otherworldly ; Marclay is a pioneering virtuoso of turntable manipulation, skilled at using the decks to take familiar sounds and twist them beyond recognition ; and Mori spends at least as much time using her drum machines to produce pitches and textures as to produce beats. Highly recommended.

Rick Anderson (All Music)


2 commentaires:

vaubu a dit…

I'm just coming across your blog tonight and I'm very excited. I grabbed a couple of Elliott Sharp's recordings from the early 90's that I believe are out of print. It's really neat to see some Jim Black and Chris Speed. I remember seeing Human Feel a couple of times play at the Cafe No in Portland, Maine in the early 90's and I was just blown away. Maybe 10 years ago I was studying jazz and got the chance to Kurt Rosenwinkle play a solo project that was really amazing. It was funny to see all my professors basically prostrating to Kurt. These days I am in NYC, laistening more than playing. I really enjoy what Ikue Mori has been doing with Zeena Parkins. It seems special. Thanks for posting some really terrific music. "I'll stay tuned."

Zipangu a dit…

Oh, so nice to be in NYC ! I was here one year ago during ten days... Magic week ! But it seems to be different now, less... "smooth" except for music ! I imagine you can listen to some marvelous sounds all around ! The Stone, Roulette, Barbès, Zebulon and more...