lundi 20 juillet 2009

Tronzo trio : "Yo ! Hey !"

(Tradition & Moderne, 1995)

« Tronzo is some kind of mad scientist, having spliced together two completely disparate idioms-slide guitar and bebop jazz. On a bad night, he sounds like Duane Allman grafted onto Charlie Parker. On a good night, he’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before ».

New Yorker Magazine (August 1994)


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Anonyme a dit…

hey, zipangu!

pretty fantastic non-japanese blog you opened here!!! all wonderful material, and mostly new to me. to this tronzo trio for example i read a review ages ago, but i could never locate it!

what's great here, too - it's already focused through the blog title. i'm expecting lovely stuff here...

btw - since you nowhere mentioned your blogname on this post, i simply had a look in my feed-reader after i subscribed to your blog ;)

feel free to delete this comment if you wanna hide (which is fun!) - but everyone can find out if they're willing to if you have the feeds on. without it's more tricky... ;)


p.s.: i always wondered why you don't link to other blogs - you don't want to spread the word, or don't wanna be connected? or just haven't thought about?!?

Anonyme a dit…

the new blog is visible in your profile, too:


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