jeudi 18 mars 2010

Eyvind Kang + Tucker Martine : "Orchestra dim bridges"

(Conduit, 2004)

Orchestra Dim Bridges is the long awaited and much anticipated collaboration between creative minds Eyvind Kang and Tucker Martine. This beautifully crafted recording covers lots of musical ground, from fluid and melodic songwriting to deep and subtle avant-garde sonic explorations. Filled with both delicate and aggressive surprises, each listen of this unique and subtle record reveals something fresh and new.
Violinist, composer, and conceptualist Eyvind Kang is a member of Bill Frisell's Quartet, Secret Chiefs 3, Wayne Horvitz's 4+1 Ensemble, and has worked with John Zorn, Beck, Marc Ribot, Arto Lindsay and Ikue Mori. He also has 3 groundbreaking recordings of his own out on the Tzadik label, and is one of today's most unique voices in creative and experimental music.
Producer/Sound Alchemist Tucker Martine is also a member of Wayne Horvitz's 4+1 Ensemble. His own group is called Mount Analog, plenty of atmospheric sound scapes, and he participates with avant-piano man Wayne Horvitz in Mylab project. An accomplished producer and sonic visionary, Tucker's collaborators include artists such as Bill Frisell, Laura Veirs, Robin Holcomb, Jim White and Jesse Sykes. In addition, several records of his field recordings have been released on Sublime Frequencies label, including Bush Taxi Mali and Moroccan Reveries.


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