jeudi 18 mars 2010

Timothy Young with very special people

(Endless, 1997)

Guitarist Timothy Young has performed in Seattle rock bands The Scabs, Scallywags and Devilhead. He also plays with great local musicians like Robin Holcomb, Eyvind Kang, Bill Frisell, Julian Priester and Michael White. He collaborates closely with Wayne Horvitz's bands called « Sweeter Than The Day » and « Zony Mash ». And he spent five years touring with Cambodian master musician Dr. Sam Ang Sam performing traditional Pin Peat repertoire.
Here, it's his first solo album and he leads a huge cast in creating a fascinating and kaleidoscopic album somewhere between « Sgt. Pepper’s » and Mister Bungle !


2 commentaires:

erikg206 a dit…

this is a fabulous recording, he is from seattle, during the late 90's he played about town in numerous outfits. i just discovered your blog, mine is peace out

Jordi a dit…

Great blog mate, u have great albums here. Thanks for all. I recommend u Broken Arm Trio(Friedlander,Dunn & Sarin)

Greetings from Barcelona.