lundi 1 mars 2010

The Lounge Lizards : "Queen of all ears"

(Strange & Beautiful Music, 1998)

John Lurie's so-called "non-jazz" approach is in full flower on this fascinating record. The ever-growing (nine-piece at this point) band builds layers of rhythm and melody with unique effect throughout. On "The Birds Near Her House," a serpentine melodic line weaves through a steady rhythmic bed, building to a frenetic climax. "Scary Children" is a foreboding dirge that still manages to exude true humor. Perhaps that is the most significant aspect of this music: it has real character and life. It doesn't just groove — it starts a conversation.

Tim Sheridan (Allmusic)


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E-mile a dit…

a must have for everybody who doesn't know this album! excellent post, one of (many) favourites Lounge Lizards albums ever...
peace, E-mile