jeudi 18 mars 2010

John King + Electric World

(Ear Rational, 1989)

John King, composer and guitarist, has presented his unique style of composed and improvisational music in many major festivals worldwide. John King has composed for orchestra, chamber ensembles, rock bands, dance, film and theater. He has written three operas to texts by Heiner Müller, Robbe-Grillet and Mallarmé, and worked closely with Merce Cunningham for many years.
He has had many working bands over the last 5 years including ELECTRIC WORLD (with Jean Chaine, David Moss and/or Abe Speller), VIBROVERB (with Nioka Workman and Michael Wimberly), and KING KORTETTE (Jonathan Kane, Nicki Parrott and Christopher McIntyre), all blues/funk/jazz based. He plays lead guitar with the avant-blues group Deep Blue Sea, led by French avant-noise guitarist Jean-Francois Pauvros and art rock drummer extraordinaire Jonathan Kane; and also performed with : William Parker's "Little Huey Creative Orchestra", Butch Morris' "Conduction" Orchestra, Guy Klucevsek's "Ain't Nothin' But A Polka" band and Rhys Chatham's 6-guitar band.
His commissions and collaborations include those for the Kronos Quartet, Bang On A Can All-Stars, the string quartet ETHEL and many other famous classical orchestras.
Recently, a new album is available on Tzadik : « He again embraces rock, jazz, blues and other popular styles in an energetic and colorful program for string quartet. Featuring passionate and inspiring performances by the remarkable quartet Crucible with King himself on viola, Mark Feldman & Cornelius Duffalo on violin and Alex Waterman on cello : the music jumps from moment to moment with lightening speed and an organic sense of form ».


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