dimanche 30 août 2009

David Moss + Tom Cora : "Cargo cult revival"

(Rift, 1983)

Tom Cora : cello and cello-resonated objects
David Moss : percussion and voice

A1 Role Of The Bait
A2 The Goat Explains The Can (4 Parts)
A3 Finger Hut
A4 Monkey Lens
A5 Unipods Are Pacifists

B1 Boundary Janitor
B2 The Wand Walks The Plank (3 Parts)
B3 Business Is Not A Business
B4 Employer Accident
B5 Dog-In-Law


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Lucky a dit…


the sign above should symbolize my open mouth - it's stunning to see this posted on ANY blog, but i'm very glad that it's on yours, since i check it regularly.

i expect some noisy frizzle-frazzle from those 2 guys at this time - let's hear!

thanks also for hirsch and previte - haven't heard both yet.

cheers, lucky