mardi 11 août 2009


(Hat Hut, 1995)

On this unusual date, the instrumentation is simply four trombones: Ray Anderson, Craig Harris, George Lewis, and Gary Valente. The bones perform eight originals, Billy Strayhorn's "Lotus Blossom," Johnny Hodges' "The Jeep Is Jumping," and Duke Ellington's obscure "Oclupaca." The performances are mostly pretty concise with free sections segueing logically into more arranged sections. No one trombonist emerges as the main star; in fact there is no attempt in the liner notes to point out who plays what although Anderson's high notes give him away at times. The adventurous music is clearly not for everyone but it generally works and one does not miss other instruments. Worth hearing.

Scott Yanow (All Music)


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Daxoyuxo a dit…

infiniment merci pour le partage

Anonyme a dit…


4 absolute heavyweights on the instrument. i KNOW i'll love this.

thanks for sharing this jewel.

Anonyme a dit…

p.s.: i just wondered - none of the included musicians i see as part of the so-called ny "downtown scene". harris in the only one close to nyc, he was born in long island. lewis and anderson both are from chicago, and valente from massachusetts.

not that it matter, of course - good music is welcomed from wherever it comes!!! :D

Zipangu a dit…

Hi Lucky !

you're right but I don't think "N.Y. downtown" only : I prefer to include all subterranean musics worldwide !