dimanche 16 août 2009

Elliott Sharp/Carbon : "Datacide"

(Enemy, 1990)

The band CARBON was first conceived in April 1983 to be an anti-silicon sound: earthy, jagged, pulsing, and direct. It emerged from work on the fringes of the early hardcore and improv scenes with my band I/S/M and with The Hi-Sheriffs of Blue and Mofungo...
After "LARYNX", I wanted to return to a small band-format and assembled Samm Bennett on drums, percussion, sampler; Linton on drums and tapes; and electric harpist Zeena Parkins (doubling on slab and keyboard). All players had a huge timbral range - anyone in the group could deal the woofer frequencies or the tweeters, beats, melodies, or pure noise. This group played a few versions of the extended piece "JUMPCUT"(released on the "Real Estate" album) and a number of short pieces, issued as "DATACIDE" in 1989. The focus was on song-forms, each defined by widely varied parameters.

Elliott Sharp


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