vendredi 14 août 2009

Paul Brody's DetoNation orchestra : "Animals & cowboys"

(NRW, 2001)

Hearing Paul Brody's DetoNation Orchestra is like hearing a flea market full of cowboys, pirates, thieves, and priests all screaming to sell there songs and stories for the best price. This is American folklore at its strangest. On stage the DetoNation Orchestra includes various sound processors, loops, unconventional guitar effects, as well as trumpet, bass & drums to give its songs and tunes a grotesque cartoon-like quality.
On top of the band are Paul Brody's strange lyrical melodies and David Moss's incredible vocal sounds and wild performance improvisations. The group pounds out an odd meter beat that matches the waves at high sea and David screams the songs of sick sailors. Next comes a retro-worksong groove and a train stumbles on its tracks up the Rocky Mountains. Then the sounds disipate into a underground disco loop with David Moss mumbling Leadbelly blues in a dark jailhouse.
Hearing Paul Brody's DetoNation Orchestra on stage is to experience one of the most exciting groups working today. A true synthesis of pop, folk, and jazz traditions. A true product of American culture organically grown from the music of Captain Beafheart, Charles Mingus, Robert Fripp, Ornette Coleman, Harry Partch, Charles Ives, and Frank Zappa.


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